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She began making jewelry when, as a yoga instructor, she wanted to purchase a bracelet and necklace featuring her favorite mantras in diamond and found nothing on the market. Having worked previously for Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Moschino, Robinson returned to fashion to train as a bench jeweler. Drawing from her many travels, love of art and philanthropic experience, Robinson's design couples tradition with modernity to create elegant pieces infused with both spirituality and historical purpose.

Her superpower is bringing people together.


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She is a mom, a traveler a teacher and a photographer. Her passion for people, ancient cultures and landscapes has inspired her to travel the world and capture moments that speak to her. She loves people and faces and has had a specific interest in photographing disappearing cultures. Her art reflects a mix of the beauty nature brings, the harsh conditions and challenges that people live in as well as admiration for diversity and other cultures. She truly enjoys sharing her adventures and experiences through her photography as a picture says a thousand words. 



Gallery Miteleuropa, Sweden, 2011.

Sistersrart Gallery, Gotland,Sweden, 2008

Gallery Lycktan Skogås, Sweden Feb. 2005

Benassi Gallery,Gamla Stan Stockholm, Nov.2004

Gallery Enskede, Sweden, Sept.2004.

Caja Rural de Toledo, Spain, Sept. 1989.

Novart Gallery, Madrid, Spain, Sept. 1989.

Ruine Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, March 1989. 

Embargo Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 1988.   



Photo Documentation “Hospitals in Ghana” Ghana, Nov.1994. Documentation “ Art workshop” Germany, June 2001.
Publications in papers and magazines: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Hufvudstadsbladet, ELLE, Madame, etc. 


Her superpower is kindness




Wanting to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, New Yorkers Stacey and Jeff journeyed west to LA.  The sunrays and good vibes inspired them to found Organically MAID. A company built on the principles of a safer, better and in tune with nature approach to cleaning.  This is one of many small steps to reverse the damage done by the variety of synthetic toxins and chemicals we come into contact with every day. 


 They decided to help others improve and detoxify their lives. By eliminating harmful toxins in their food, the cosmetics on their skin, and cleaners around their homes, they felt like they finally took control of their lives and their own wellbeing. And the results exceeded their expectations. At the same time, they felt a need and collective responsibility to contribute to a better world and future for their children and grand children, and share their knowledge and newly discovered wellbeing with others.


Their superpower is: the betterment of people and the planet and they will do whatever they can to achieve those goals!



Renée is a business-minded executive with more than 25 years of progressive leadership experience in higher-education, marketing, and business operation. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing from Morgan State University in 1990 and a Master of Science in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University in 2000. Ms. Harris left NYU in 2013, after having served more than 22 years in various roles of executive leadership, to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors full time. 


The business was created as a way for everyone to enjoy the spa experience—at home, every day.  It has been a labor of love. Ms. Harris’ goal is to help people take time to pamper themselves and de-stress from a busy lifestyle with products that are made with raw natural and organic ingredients.  The products are scented with essential oils and fragrance oils and hand made with love, and special care, so customers feel confident taking time to indulge in a pleasurable experience—at home, as they renew theirmind, body, and spirit with a little piece of luxury, EVERY DAY.  She cares deeply about the community and a minimum of $1 per purchase is donated to causes that support Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney Disease, women’s causes, and youth programs. 

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