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· Solid Sterling Silver .925

· Perfect Sacred Geometry proportions, designed to be accurate to the mm

· Atlantean bar on the pendant is 30 mm long and 6 mm wide. With bail ( ring for the chain ) the pendant is 38 mm long.

· This pendant is sold with a sterling silver chain. The chain is offered in snake style 1.2 mm thick and 18cm long.

· The Atlantis pendant is based on the Atlantean bar first invented by Andre de Belizal. Belizal baptized the geometry of the Atlantis ring with the name “Wave Form of Luxor” and after carefully studying the geometry of the Atlantis ring, Belizal created the so-called “Harmonizer of Luxor”. A device for the protection of places such as the home or the office. This device has the same shape as the ring, in a rectangular format.



The origin of the Atlantis ring

The Atlantis ring originally made of clay, was found by Marquis d'Aigrain in 1860 in the Valley of the Kings in a tomb of an Egyptian high priest. It was then passed on to Howard Carter who had it until his death in 1939. This ring would be at least 5,000 years old. The geometric symbols carved into the ring were unlike anything known in ancient Egypt. The ring belonged to a priest from the time of Atlantis.


Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, would tell people that he was wearing a talisman when he opened the tomb, in 1922, and that it gave him protection, thereby becoming the only survivor of the curse of the pharaohs. The rest of his team died mysterious deaths and it is said 18 people lost their lives including nurses taking care of team members. Carter said that his talisman protected him against all harmful influences. After his death in 1940, when his personal documents were analyzed, it was found that this talisman was the Ring of Luxor, as it was then called, now known as the Atlantis Ring.

Atlantis Pendant

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