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Yeah Yeah, we know what you're thinking: the black dresses with black pointy hats, ugly old women with warts and white hair. Sorry to disappoint you, but no, we don’t fly around on brooms and make potions from dragonblood, unless it’s the actual plant :) However, we do charge our crystals with sun and moon energy, smudge our houses and inhale large amounts of palo santo! Oh and did we tell you that we bless all products with love, kindness and some good old peace! Modern witches are really just awesome wise women who help and care about the wellbeing of people, animals and plants.




A new way to shop, with purpose. What if you could buy luxury and help someone in need….simultaneously! What if by helping yourself you help the world. What if you knew exactly how your contribution was spent and the impact it had?




Our concept is all about Flower Power right to your doorstep and non-toxic, cruelty free organic skincare products that provide you and your peeps with safe choices, make animals jump for joy and mamma nature smile.

About us

Let’s be more responsible together!


Our concept is all about changing your shopping experience. We believe that products can serve a purpose and be made with love and care for our planet while promoting sustainability, reversing climate change, supporting women, animals and the environment. Yes we run a business.  But, we also believe in giving back and being mindful of what we want to leave behind for our kids. We want to create awareness and share what we know to inspire and maybe even change our habits around consumption. We will always be honest, transparent, and are committed to making your shopping experience safe and easy:) A green and thriving planet is the goal! Ha, shop with purpose!

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