15 Healing Foods and Supplements to add to Your Kids Diet.

Being a mother and a health advocate is always challenging especially when it comes to feeding your kids with healthy and nourishing options that heal them and support their growth and development. There are so many theories and diets out there, no wonder it's confusing. I am also a big believer in that we are all different and what works for me might not necessarily work for you! It's important to trust your gut and follow your intuition and listen to your body as it is the best guide to telling you what you and your family needs. You need to find your own way and what makes you feel good!

I chose the plant based path as it is the one that has worked best for me so far. And I have been able to heal myself in so many ways with this approach. It's tough with kids though as we are mothers and constantly worry about the fine line between imposing our own ideas and keeping them healthy and strong. A guilt trip indeed!

But as we move along and watch