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Positively Inventive: Creative Strategies for Improving Mental Health

Updated: May 26

With negative news feeds, social media addiction, and climate change on the rise, it’s no wonder our collective mental health is under strain. It’s important, then, to think holistically about how we can approach the subject and find new strategies to help us cope. Urban Witches outlines some to consider.


Aromatherapy involves using essential oils to promote healing and improve overall well-being. Different oils are believed to have different effects, such as lavender for relaxation and peppermint for focus. Try incorporating essential oils into your daily routine, either through aromatherapy diffusers or by applying them topically.


Meditation is an effective method for improving mental health as it involves focusing the mind on the present moment and can be practiced via techniques such as mindfulness meditation or mantra repetition. Incorporating meditation into a daily routine can have long-term benefits for mental well-being - take some time to familiarize yourself with the various methods and see if any of these appeals to you. You may even decide you want to bring in an expert to help guide you through the early stages.

steps in.


There are numerous benefits to working in a garden, so consider starting one if you don’t yet have one. Not only does gardening get you outside for some fresh air, but you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, a fresh addition to your dinner table. Before getting started, consult online resources that offer in-depth product reviews and expert gardening advice so you can get started the right way. Home Garden Hero is a wonderful resource.


Mala Wellness Collective explains that breathwork is a type of therapy that involves intentionally altering your breath to bring about physical and emotional healing. It can involve anything from deep belly breathing to more intense, active breathing techniques. Breathwork can be a powerful tool for improving mental health, as it can help reduce stress and increase feelings of relaxation and well-being.

Getting in some good breathing is part and parcel of any type of exercise, including walking more often to optimize your mental and physical health. If your neighborhood isn't pedestrian-friendly, look for an area with a high Walk Score of 70 or above to get your daily steps in.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation, also known as float therapy, involves being in a completely dark and soundproof environment (or sometimes inside a sensory deprivation tank). Explorable notes that the idea is to remove all external stimuli and allow the mind to relax and rejuvenate. While it may seem counterintuitive, sensory deprivation can actually help improve mental health by reducing stress and increasing feelings of relaxation.


Our jobs can often be a key source of stress, anxiety, and depression in our lives. If you are feeling unfulfilled by your current employment, it’s important to seek alternatives - thankfully, reskilling is easier than ever, thanks to online degree programs. With remote learning, it’s often possible to fit your studies around existing work or family obligations. Just be certain that your chosen institute is correctly accredited and offers competitive tuition rates.

Charity Work

Volunteering is an excellent way to get out of your own head and throw yourself into positive action. Check with local organizations to see if there are any opportunities to get involved. If there’s a need in your community not being met by current institutions, it’s easier than ever to form a nonprofit corporation of your own. Check online for advice on how to apply for grants and public funding, create bylaws that detail how you’ll operate, and manage board meetings (including voting structures and rules on conflicts of interest).

Digital Detox

There’s every chance you’re reading this article on a digital device, and whilst technology provides all manner of advantages, our reliance on technology can also be a source of stress and distraction, negatively impacting our mental health. To help, consider going on a digital detox by setting aside a specific time each day to be device-free or taking a longer break and going on a completely screen-free vacation.

When our mental health is under threat, it’s important to look for creative, outside-the-box solutions. With a little ingenuity, it’s possible to alleviate some of the worst mental strains and set the tone for a healthier, happier future.

Image by Pexels

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