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Love, Light and Happy Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I love the Holiday Season in New York! I love Christmas!! Always did and always will. But the older and wiser I get the more I start valuing different things that I didn’t value when I was younger. Back then it was all about the presents. The more the better, the more expensive the better and it was always some sort of validation and what I was worth (I thought). The status symbols, and other kids and teenagers showing off how much they got. As I said, I am older and wiser now and also more concerned about our planet and how we all need to step up and become a bit more conscious and aware of what this consumerism and having all this stuff really brings. This absolutely doesn’t mean that we should not enjoy gifts and stop buying or making them. But do think about what the holiday season truly means: to me it’s about gratitude, family and friends. Celebrating life, health and the many amazing gifts all around that we are blessed with. It’s about helping others, giving your time and energy to people that may need it and about sharing a smile with a stranger. There is something truly magic about the holiday season. We all come from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, religions, cultures and holiday traditions. And yet somehow that unity and kindness comes out making us all feel more in tune with the universal oneness. It’s as if people become nicer, more open, happier and joyful. We all soften up to the possibility that giving someone a hand really does make us feel more connected and loving. This is why we love the holidays and gift shopping should be connected to that and don’t forget you can also choose to donate to a great cause and shop with a purpose. Whatever makes your heart smile!Holiday blessings to you all! Love, Urban Witches

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