Motherhood: 5 tips on how you can deal with challenges and find your unique parenting style.

Being a mom is so universal and at the same time such an individual and personal experience. Getting support from others is great but it’s also so important to follow your gut and go with your own flow, because ultimately you know best and what is good for you and your family. Everyone will tell you a story and try to give you advice about their own believes, so it’s important to filter and do what YOU feel is right. At the same time it’s hard to do it alone and we all need that tribal support and a sisterhood of other mothers to lean on. I was lucky enough to join a mama group that was very diverse with lots of differences in parenting style. It is also a group of nonjudgment and respect for everyone’s differences, which is rare, but so important. So whether you belong to a group or not it’s still important to identify you’re own parenting style and get the best support you can. So here are five tips on what you can do: 

1. Be kind to yourself and other moms. 

Mama shaming is real!! Always t