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Finding your authentic self, a sexy New Years resolution.

Me over a year ago still trying to figure out my purpose and get to know this new me.

By many accounts 2018 was a very challenging year for many of us. Despite the challenges I am leaving it behind with a feeling of ease and gratitude for the many lessons and opportunities for growth. A year that taught me resilience, gave me incredible strength and to not sell myself short or rely on others! Stepping into 2019 with excitement as I am getting myself ready for this new journey. This year for me will be all about reinvention, rebirth, and reclaiming my self worth. I am ready to step out of my little cocoon and comfort zone that for many years kept me so safe from my fears and from digging deeper into my core. It protected me from all the feelings that blocked me from being me, feeling not good enough, not worthy and deserving of all the amazing things that truly are my birthright, and yours too. I am ready to give myself permission to shine my light.

My New Year’s resolution is to be more courageous, fearless, unapologetic, compassionate, and sexy!!

And when I say sexy, I mean embracing my own definition of sexuality. I know it’s confusing to many women and it’s a word that has some wildly negative connotations.  In a patriarchal society, our sexuality is frequently distorted, disrespected and misunderstood. I think it’s time to reclaim and redefine that word that in so many ways ties back to our innate wisdom, strength and inner beauty. It’s so individual and personal for everyone. As I recently became a mother, it definitely changed for me. You kind of become the Madonna and it’s almost like you get a different kind of treatment and respect whenever your child is around. It’s also challenging when you suddenly find yourself in between breastfeeding, hormonal ups and downs, diaper changes, pukes, which doesn’t add much clarity. There’s confusion with your boobs suddenly filling a new role of feeding another human being. I am slowly coming back to myself and only starting to get to know the new me, and what my sexuality means to me today and how it is different.

When I look at myself and other women and what sexy means to me nowadays it’s a woman with confidence, a woman that feels comfortable in her own skin and knows who she is and what she is capable of.  It means feeling beautiful from the inside out and tapping into that divine light within; it means self respect and self love and standing up for yourself when you need to. It’s all about BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. Embracing the good and the bad and knowing and trusting yourself! That is sexy!

So here I come 2019, daring to be me and whatever that entails. It will be a roller coaster I am sure, and scary at times, but I am taking on the challenge to do what I came here to do. Spread love, inspire, be kind, learn from others, learn more about myself and embrace and celebrate that which I am. I hope you will join me on this beautiful journey and that we can come together to share our stories and create a community of oneness that is more conscious, more mindful and more real about healing ourselves and our planet.

Cheers to 2019! I am ready for you!

Agnieszka Wilson 01/07/2019

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