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Urban Witches - A startup with a mindful purpose

Updated: May 26

My humanitarian background, healthy lifestyle and motherhood all lead me to becoming more aware of consumerism and what it means to me. This was so natural for me as I must say that I am a true nature and animal lover, and once I became a mother suddenly another level of care and caution was added. I had to look out for someone else’s health and well-being especially since that little baby was helpless when it came to protecting himself and mama bear had to step in!! What amazed me the most was that we care so much about babies that we need to change lots of habits around toxins, healthy foods etc etc. but shouldn’t that approach be applied to ourselves as well? And our planet and all sentient beings? Why does this become so huge only when you have a baby? Isn’t cancer, climate change, animal cruelty, environmental issues, exploitation of humans, nature and animals enough and signs of evidence to start rethinking our shopping habits and consumption a bit? What does it take to start caring about yourself and your own health? 

For me it was clear. And I am not saying I am perfect, because this is and will be a process. So Lea and I wanted Urban Witches to be the lead and good example of what we want to achieve. A model and one stop shop for brands that care and making it easier for consumers to find the goodies. Natural, toxic-free, cruelty-free, organic and environment friendly and sustainable products. We want to inspire consumers to be more aware and mindful of what they buy, but also companies becoming better at making safer and friendlier products that protect this beautiful planet we live on instead of destroying her. 

Lea and I are both mothers and know how hard it is to tackle life, kids and work so we also wanted to make sure that we support other female entrepreneurs mainly, cause we are all about collaboration, sisterhood and women lifting each other up. We vet all products and test them before selling, so people can rest assured and trust that they can feel safe shopping on our website. 

Last but not least we want to support charities so that the damage done to mama earth can be reversed. And we start caring more about others living under challenging circumstances, by donating 10% of our proceeds to humanitarian organizations each year. 2019 we will support Stand 4 Education, a nonprofit that provides education to children in South Sudan and supports gender equality and reproductive and menstrual health. Mari Malek, the founder is a refugee that came to New York to persuade her dreams and is know using her platform to speak up for those who can’t and help underprivileged children and youth. 

We truly hope that this will be of help to people and that we can all learn more about changing habits and how we can collectively become better. It all comes down to what we can do in our everyday life that has an impact, whether you recycle that one plastic cup or don’t use a straw or don’t eat meat for one day or buy less plastic and more sustainable products. Every choice matters. Becoming more aware is key, and we look forward to informing, discussing and constantly finding new ways in how we can all become better. It all begins with us! 

Aga Wilson


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